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RATING: 9.4/10

Spanish Fly Pro Review: Why It’s The #1 Rated Brand For 2019

We have reviewed a lot of Spanish Fly products with mixed results, but the one that takes the lead and stand well above the rest is Spanish Fly Pro.

It is quite simply the best rated Libido Boosting Sex enhancement product that is currently available on the market today.

How Does Spanish Fly Pro Work?

The secret behind Spanish Fly Pro is the strength of its formula which consists of the most aphrodisiacal ingredients, compared to what we found in all of the products that we tested. Including the top 7 must-have ingredients for sexual enhancement:

  • Zinc
  • Maca
  • Panax ginseng
  • Guarana
  • Arginine
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Caffeine

The reason this is so important is that not all aphrodisiacs work on everybody. There is a substantial amount of studies, which demonstrate how Maca works as libido enhancement for almost 70% of men, but only about 25% of women. However, Zinc works mostly on women. Arginine is more effective in older people. And so on…

Now imagine having 7 of the most well known and strongest aphrodisiacs in one product. Even if some of the ingredients will not have an effect on you, six others are waiting to do the magic.

In short, its powerful formula is what makes Spanish Fly Pro #1 and sets it apart from the rest of the pack.

Spanish Fly Pro - Supplement Fact Label

The Bottom Line – Is Spanish Fly Pro Right For Me?

The short answer – is most likely, YES. Spanish Fly Pro has b has been continously developed and improved over the years, so it has the most complete formula we have ever tested. In addition, the number of positive verified reviews from men and women all around the world is also what puts this product on top of our list.

  1. It works on both men and women.
  2. It should work for any age group.
  3. It is easy to use and doesn’t require long-term using.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Unlike several of the other Spanish Fly products where the user needs to take a daily dose to see results, Spanish Fly Pro works within 10 to 20 minutes.

The effects of increased libido should appear in 10 to 20 minutes, once the drops have been mixed with the beverage and the user drinks it. Please note that the time varies depending on your diet, weight and so.

Is This Product Safe? Does It Have Any Side Effects?

It is critically important that you only select a Spanish Fly product that is made from our natural products. Spanish Fly Pro comprises of the highest quality all-natural ingredients produced in a cGMP compliant facility in the European Union.

Our Spanish Fly Pro review highlighted that no side effects had been reported, and it’s safe to take for men and women of all ages.

How Do You Take Spanish Fly Pro?

The recommended dosage is mixing five drops with a beverage. It should work best with a glass of red wine and champagne* and should not be mixed with hot beverages such as tea or coffee.

*we found “best used with” from users testimonials, it is not an official manufacturer recommendation

Free Shipping & Discreet Packaging

If you order the Spanish Fly Pro directly from the official website (https://spanishflypro.com) they will ship your order within 24 hours (during business days). We confirmed this delivery by placing multiple test orders and received the packages between 5-7 business days, as all orders are dispatched and shipped from their main storage center in the European Union. All products are shipped FREE OF CHARGE and came in discreet packaging which we really appreciated, and we are sure that you will too.

When you purchase Spanish Fly Pro, you get a ONE TIME charge on your card. There are NO re-occurring charges associated with this product.**

** we can confirm this ONLY if you purchase the product through the official website (https://spanishflypro.com), we never purchased Spanish Fly Pro on other websites or marketplaces

What are real USERS saying?

This is a place where you can read comments, reviews and stories from other people who already tried Spanish Fly Pro.

If you have already tried Spanish Fly Pro, please share your review with others too – be sure that you do not forget any details. How was the taste the taste? How long did it last? What is your age, sex and relationship status? If you can, please try to be as specific as possible so that your review can be a huge help to other people.


  1. User Avatar
    Josh Parker Sep 13 at 8:12 pm – Reply

    Is it a super-magical sex drug? No. It is not. Will it make you a sexual beast in 10 minutes? No. It will not. But hell, it works. Yes, you need to make the mood. You need to work to get what you want. It’s not like she will hop on you instantly. But trust me – I tried all the “things” (dinner, being nice to her, give her a message) like a million times and nothing. I did it the same things with 5 drops of Spanish Fly Pro. And let me tell you, she was a different person. She was in the mood. She wanted “it”. So if you are looking for magic drops you drip into girl drink, this is not it. But if you want to enjoy perfect nights with someone you love, it’s word every penny.

  2. User Avatar
    Hellen Paul Sep 20 at 10:02 pm – Reply

    Get it right now and you will later realize making the best decision in your marriage.

  3. User Avatar
    Reyansh Nov 14 at 8:18 pm – Reply

    Spanish Fly Pro is a great supplement which has helped my girlfriend to gain back the lost energy in her. I can see a huge difference in her sex drive and that has really helped us to re-ignite that passion back into our relationship. I am sorry for my English.

  4. User Avatar
    Nick Nov 20 at 1:29 am – Reply

    My GF used HerSolution for some time. One pill a day for about a month. Nothing changed after about 2 months. So we reached their support for a refund. Their answer? We should try to buy more and use it for a longer time. Perfect, isn’t it? Anyways, we tried this Spanish fly PRO and it works instantly. Maybe after 10 or 20 minutes, but you don’t need to use it daily for months. I use it too, it will give you energy. You feel hornier. Want to try new things. It’s cool.

  5. User Avatar
    Nancy T. McClendon Nov 22 at 11:31 am – Reply

    I see all the comments, but does it really work on MEN too? I feel like I am the only one having a problem to convince my husband for anything sexual. It looks like only women don’t like sex, but it’s not only us! My husband is always too tired, too busy… Anyway’s I am going to give this a shot and will let you know.

    • User Avatar
      Tracy Dec 01 at 06:09 am – Reply

      So did you try it? I have a similar problem at home with my partner and tbh… It’s like 70 bucks per bottle. That is a huge amount of money… Please let me know!!

  6. User Avatar
    Adam Mayer Dec 2 at 1:28 pm – Reply

    My wife and I have tried multiple products before, but nothing was doing the trick. Then we came across this Spanish Fly Pro and figured we had nothing to lose. Maybe it won’t work for everyone, but boy did it work for us!

  7. User Avatar
    Josh Dec 31 at 11:38 pm – Reply

    This is a must for every woman who is trying to cope with their low libido. I was there too and hence I know how it feels. But this PRO has worked wonderfully in my life and helped me to gain back that confidence in bed.

  8. User Avatar
    Nancy T. McClendon Jan 22 at 10:12 am – Reply

    Yes, we tried it and already ordered another 3 bottles. It definitely works on men ladies! Oh, gosh. It’s so great to feel like a woman again. To be… wanted by your man. I didn’t feel this for years.

  9. User Avatar
    Paula Feb 1 at 3:38 pm – Reply

    Are you looking for a sexual enhancer and excellent libido booster? Do not go anywhere since the Spanish Fly Pro will help you attain massive orgasm and sexual pleasure instantly and in enduring time. Recommended!

  10. User Avatar
    Natasha P Feb 4 at 7:15 pm – Reply

    I realized a lot earlier about my libido problem as I was having a lower sex drive. But this is a problem I never felt comfortable talking to anyone. I was already much stressed about it and since this was affecting my relationship with my partner, I was quite worried too. But I came across the Spanish Fly Pro while surfing the internet about this problem and its potential cures. After reading some amazing reviews, I thought to go ahead and give it a try. Just within a month of using this supplement, I and my partner both can see a miraculous change. Now, everything seems quite better.

  11. User Avatar
    Bill K. Fernandez Feb 15 at 10:05 pm – Reply

    Great product. My girlfriend absolutely prefers it! After using these drops, we have the most amazing nights ever

  12. User Avatar
    Tracy K. P. Mar 13 at 10:31 am – Reply


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