What Does Spanish Fly Do and Does it Really Work?

Spanish Fly is a colloquial term for Libido Enhancer or Libido Booster. That’s precisely what Spanish Fly does – it increases the user’s libido, arousal, and desire to have sex. In women, it also heightens natural vaginal lubrication and increases the user’s chance of experiencing orgasm (if you’re lucky, maybe even more than once).

Well, that’s exactly what you should want. Now, we come to the hard part.

Which of the Spanish Fly Product Can Do All Of These Things And Actually Works?

When it comes to finding a product that works, Spanish Fly is one of the toughest categories in the market. Sadly, due to all of the misinformation and scams today, we have decided that we need to set the record straight once and for all.

As we analyzed these products, we found that there is way too much marketing hype, and it is completely misleading, which is causing people to buy Spanish Fly products that not only have no effect but can also be harmful.

There are countless Spanish Fly brands to choose from, and many make outrageous claims about what their product can do with no legitimate studies to back it up.

So, we have done the research and made a platform where regular folks, like you, can share their reviews and stories about all the Spanish Fly products.

Out of the 100 plus Spanish Fly brands that we tested, these are our top five all-natural products that surpassed their competition.

Top Rated Brands:

#1: Spanish Fly Pro

Spanish Fly ProSpanish Fly Pro Rating

RATING: 9.4/10

#2: Love Drops

Love DropsLove Drops Rating

RATING: 8.5/10

#3: Provestra

ProvestraProvestra Rating

RATING: 7.9/10

#4: HerSolution

HerSolutionHerSolution Rating

RATING: 7.3/10

#5: Germany Sex Drops

Germany Sex DropsGermany Sex Drops Rating

RATING: 6.5/10

Do you still need a little bit of more info about Spanish fly products? Don’t be worried. We have you covered. Please continue reading and we will try to cover the most frequently asked question we heard about Spanish Fly.

Is Spanish Fly a Drug?

As you already know, there is no “ONE Spanish Fly”. There are many different and unique brands of Spanish Fly products. However, this first question is simple to answer – Spanish Fly is not a drug. We can surely say this for 99.99% of all Spanish Fly products.

Spanish Fly is a non-prescription, mostly all-natural dietary supplement which assists in sexually enhancing women by improving sex drive, arousal and the potential to have orgasms. Therefore, when using or buying any type of Spanish Fly, you do not require doctors prescription. But still, take your time and choose the best product. Your doctor will not help you with this.

Is Spanish Fly Dangerous?

Again, it’s not so easy to answer this question because there is not just one Spanish Fly product. Most of the Spanish Fly products we tested are 100% safe to use. And therefore not dangerous at all. However, there are many products we would not recommend for use. Most of them are made by a not-known manufacturer, mostly in China. With not-known ingredients used.

Make sure the product meets all the requirements set out by the US Food and Drug Administration – even if you are not from the States. If the product meets all the requirements, it is safe. Period. It is made by well-known manufacturer and manufacturing process meets the highest standards of hygiene and quality of ingredients used.

Does Spanish Fly Work?

There are Spanish Fly products that work and there are other Spanish fly products that are not effective. The sad thing is, that most of the Spanish fly products available on the market are useless. The best way to find out the best Spanish fly products is to check the reviews of the specific Spanish Fly product you opt to use so you can have a better understanding of what to expect.

There are Spanish fly products that work only on women. But also some that work on men too. Some you need to use for months to take effect. Some works almost instantly. Read. Make your own research. Try to find the best product for you.

Does Spanish Fly Have a Taste?

Again, many Spanish fly products mean many different tastes. Most Spanish Fly products have a fresh taste while some do not have any taste. Once you mix the Spanish fly with another drink, the taste of that liquid will not change. At least with the products we tested.

Where Can You Buy Original Spanish Fly Products?

Since you do NOT need a doctor’s prescription to buy Spanish fly product, most types of Spanish Fly products are sold online. Just be careful about FAKE products. Some of the most-known Spanish Fly brands have counterfeit, fake imitations. Our best advice? Do not use sites and marketplaces like eBay or so. Try to always find the official website of the specific product and order it from them. This is the best way to assure to have the right, original product.

What Exactly Is Spanish Fly?

You already know that Spanish Fly is a dietary supplement aimed at increasing libido in woman and men. Due to different reasons, both women and men may suffer from low libido issues.

When your wife is not in the mood, you will not be able to enjoy sex. It is easy as that.

It is a different case once you use Spanish Fly.

The aphrodisiacal substance has natural ingredients which aim at improving the level of arousal. Most of the Spanish Fly products works very fast. Within 10 minutes after drinking a beverage with the Spanish Fly drops, you will experience an increase in sex drive.

In most cases, it is very easy to use Spanish Fly, just mix with any beverage such as red wine then wait for ten minutes and the body will start wanting sex.

There are no doctor prescriptions required. Just buy it and you will be ready to use. Spanish Fly can help different types of people.

What Is Spanish Fly Used For?

Old married couples that lost passion for sex

There is a tendency where old married women tend to lose interest in sex. Even if you are an old woman and your partner still needs sex, you need to look for ways you can improve your appetite for sex. The Spanish Fly sex enhancement drops have been formulated to increase libido in women naturally. All the ingredients used are natural hence they will not expose the old women to side effects. You can apply the substance if you are facing issues with your sex drive and the sex drive will increase to satisfy your partner. The ingredients will even make old women start enjoying orgasm once more during their sexual intercourse.

A divorced woman that lost confidence in herself

If you were divorced and then you did not gather the confidence to start making love once more, then you may face problems when trying to enjoy sex. The Spanish Fly has been carefully formulated to help you enjoy sex irrespective of your condition. It makes the body works naturally in responding to different sexual stimulus. Many people who were divorced due to lack of sex drive find the substance very helpful. It is easy to use and it will react within less than 190 minutes to allow women to enjoy sex.

New young couple stressed with first sex

Young couples are sometimes faced with anxiety about their first sex. For example, they may be worried about how they can enjoy the first sex. Even if the lady is not ready to enjoy the orgasms and satisfy the new partner, the Spanish Fly supplement has different ingredients which are carefully formulated to help young couples enjoy sex. There are different ingredients which have been incorporated in the supplement which can make any sexual intercourse enjoyable even if couples had not planned for it. It is a substance which can be applied to spice up sex.

A woman after childbirth

After childbirth, there are different changes which occur in a woman body. Some mothers tend to suffer from low sex divorcee due to hormonal changes. The Spanish Fly can play a great role in helping you gain the necessary sex hormones you need to enjoy sex. It does not matter the environment or issues affecting your life, the supplement will recharge your appetite for sex so that you can enjoy the sexual adventure irrespective of the environment or body condition under which you would like to enjoy sex.

A woman who suffers from painful sex

Due to lack of proper lubrication, you may be suffering from painful sex. There are different hormonal changes in the body which lead to the release of fluids which can lubricate the area so that you can enjoy sex. The Spanish Fly supplement has different ingredients which can increase the level of different hormones in the body so that you can increase lubrication which will lead to enjoying the sexual performance.

Single mother

There are cases where single mothers will like to enjoy sex when their boyfriends visit them or when they visit their boyfriends. In some cases, they may fail to enjoy sex due to different reasons. The issues even become complicated because they will have to meet with their boyfriends for short whiles after which each of them will head home. In order to get ready for sex within a short time and start enjoying sex. The Spanish fly supplement can be applied to get the women ready so that they can enjoy sex each time they meet the right man. The supplement is easy to use because you will only have to mix it in your drink. You will always enjoy sex whenever you need to have sex upon buying the supplement.


A business lady will travel for business reasons hence have limited time to spend with her husband. The ingredients in the Spanish fly will make her get ready within the shortest time so that she can enjoy sex for the limited time she may have with her husband. Even if she will like to have sex the whole day, the supplement will give her the necessary energy and passion she needs to always enjoy sex.

Truck driver’s wife

Busy people such as truck drivers who spend a lot of time away from home will like their wives to get ready as soon as they arrive home. Due to different reasons, their wives may not get ready fast so that they can enjoy a sexual performance. The use of the supplement makes it easy for them to enjoy sex each time their husbands need it. Remember the busy husbands will have limited time at home hence they should have sex to the fullest so that they can leave home when fully satisfied.

Couple with a newborn

When a couple has a newborn, they will tend to lack the appetite for sex. It is common in ladies to lose appetite in sex after they give birth. It is a different case with the use of Spanish Fly because the supplement plays a great role in increasing appetite for sex in women which will make them even enjoy sex even if there is a newborn at home.

What Ingredients Are Used In Spanish Fly?

Almost every Spanish fly product we tested has a different and unique active ingredients list. So a better question to ask is what ingredients SHOULD a good Spanish fly product contain?

Bellow, you can find a list of some well-known and strongest aphrodisiacs. So if a Spanish fly product you chose contain at least some of them, go for it. It will be good. And remember – as much of these aphrodisiacs the Spanish fly product has, the stronger it will be.

1. Zinc

We’ve all heard that oysters are an aphrodisiac, and more than one of us have taken a partner out to enjoy these seaside delights, but what actually gets us in the mood is their high zinc content. Zinc is a vital precursor to the production of testosterone in both males and females, which enhances the feeling of sexual desire. Zinc has also been shown to improve overall sperm quality. Consumed as a supplement, this is especially useful for us as humans since our busy lifestyles don’t always allow for a balanced diet and our zinc levels are almost entirely reliant on what we eat.

2. Horny Goat Weed

Used in China for over 2000 years, this tried and tested sexual enhancer is made up of several Epimedium plant species that fight fatigue, as well as the symptoms of pre-menstrual stress (PMS) and menopause. While it has been used for as long as recorded history allows us to look back, it has very recently been proven to increase blood flow to the sexual organs by inhibiting phosphodiesterase, an enzyme that restricts blood flow to the sexual organs. This effect has been credited to the improvements seen in men with erectile dysfunction.

3. Maca

Maca root, or Lepidium Meyenii, is an exceptionally nutritious plant extract originally harvested in Peru. This root has been consumed for its benefits to overall vitality, while it is thought to improve energy levels and both mental and physical endurance, as well as decreasing stress and anxiety levels. Like Horny Goat Weed, it also helps reduce the symptoms of menopause, while improving hormone balance which positively affects one’s mood. Most importantly, research has also shown that it improves both sexual function and libido as an accumulative effect from its many physical and mental enhancements.

4. Tribulus terrestris

The Tribulus plant produces fruit that is covered in spines, while its extract, traditionally used in Ayurveda (Indian traditional medicine), has a wealth of sexual benefits. Tribulus terrestris fruit extract is suggested to increase hormone levels, improve arousal, lubrication, and the quality of orgasm in women. While for men, the improvements include an increase in sexual desire, and sperm movement and concentration. A study has also shown that Tribulus terrestris fruit extract assists in the management of erectile dysfunction in men.

5. Guarana

Native to the immense expanse of the Amazon rain forest, this guaranine-rich (a chemical compound that is identical to caffeine) seed extract is over twice as powerful as your everyday coffee bean. This “super seed” stimulant has a storied history of assisting with weight management, improving mental focus, and working as a potent anti-oxidant. It also, very pertinently, improves physical performance, something that cannot be understated in the bedroom.

6. Caffeine

As planet earth’s favorite central nervous system stimulant, caffeine’s popularity doesn’t need further elaboration. The caffeine in Spanish Fly improves mental alertness, helps to treat the universal sexual inhibitor, headaches, and improves low blood pressure. Caffeine also improves physical stamina and performance which compliments the effects of Spanish Fly’s many sexually enhancing ingredients. Caffeine also increases dopamine levels in the brain which improves overall mood. Dopamine is often described as the pleasure hormone, responsible for the flow of euphoria one gets when engaging in activities we are programmed to enjoy, such as sexual intimacy.

7. Panax ginseng

Panax (meaning “all healing”) ginseng root extract is a traditional Chinese medicine with two active ingredients, ginsenosides, and panaxosides. Ginsenosides have been widely found to increase the sexual ability of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, while in women it has shown to enhance sexual desire and satisfaction (particularly in post-menopausal women). While these are amazing improvements on their own, ginseng is also responsible for improvements in one’s physical and mental vitality. The long list of benefits includes concentration, memory, physical stamina, prevention of muscle injury, stress and anxiety management, and boosting the immune system.

Spanish fly has a long history of providing a catalyst for women to achieve a more enjoyable orgasm. Some men also use it to get a faster and harder erection. The substance works by irritating the crotch area in both men and women, and this increases genital sensitivity which results in creating a better setting for a higher level of sexual enjoyment.

Old Spanish Fly

Although the old Spanish Fly is illegal in the United States for human consumption, it is occasionally used for breeding livestock. It became noticeable that when the animals urinate, the cantharidin content of Spanish Fly causes irritation to the animal’s genitals which leads to inflammation and heavy itching.

Abd, as was mentioned, although Spanish Fly’s has a persistent reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac and a way to seduce, it can be very toxic. Too much Spanish Fly can cause extreme pain and it can also be potentially fatal, causing damage to the stomach, the esophagus, kidneys, and the genitals. A regular user will also experience severe headaches. Any part of the body exposed to cantharidin will definitely be blistered. Good thing there’s Spanish Fly Pro!


Efficiency and Spanish Fly Pro

The Spanish Fly Pro is a very effective alternative to the potent but harmful Spanish Fly. Spanish Fly Pro increases sexual libido without harming the body. With just a few drops, this supplement improves a woman’s natural genital lubrication and overall sex drive. You will definitely see an increase in your libido which will lead to better sex.

Natural preparation

Spanish Fly Pro is a 100% all natural, made from different herbs which make it very safe for human consumption. You can even drink it every day and not worry about any adverse effect on your health. It has met all the requirements set by the USFDA and MHRA in Europe.

Why You Should Buy The Product

No negative side effects when you use the Spanish Fly Pro! And it works great on women of all ages. It has the same efficacy as the original Spanish Fly but none of its side effects. Bring the life back to your sex life and buy Spanish Fly Pro now! Thanks to the fact, that our company has storage in Europe and also in the US, we are able to process and send you your order of the Spanish Fly Pro within 24 hours — in the following days you can expect your order to arrive at your home.

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